What’s New for Expressa

* All visual content in this document was created with Expressa in real-time.

Expressa, the real-time aircraft configurator, just got a set of groundbreaking new features. Aside from being the ideal asset creation platform for sales, marketing, and design, Expressa just got more versatile, easier to use, and more realistic. Said plainly, Expressa just got even better. 

In this brief post, we’ll share six highlights. If you want to see it all for yourself, reach us and we will share a free demo with you. 

10 New Aircraft Models

For starters, now you can design, visualize and immerse your clients in 10 new aircraft models. These models come with Expressa, ready to use. You can access them from your Expressa control panel without any previous preparation. 

The models in question are: 

  • Embraer Phenom 100 EV 
  • Embraer Phenom 300 E 
  • Embraer Praetor 500
  • Embraer Praetor 600
  • Embraer Legacy 650 
  • Embraer Legacy 500
  • Bombardier Challenger 350
  • Bombardier Global 6000
  • Bombardier Challenger 300 Classic
  • Bombardier Challenger 300 Face Lift 

Create Specs Books Automatically

Now Expressa has a fully featured Specs Book creator.  Produce detailed sales assets, personalized to your client’s specifications, without leaving Expressa. Save time by ending your meetings with a stunning deliverable that prolongs the wow factor. 

Focus on the Details with the New Material Editor

Quality is about the details. With Expressa’s new editor, now you can edit the color, stitching, patterns, and textures of all the materials that make up your aircraft interior. Plan every last element of the aircraft interior, with millimetric precision. 

Hyper-Realism Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The new Expressa uses a new calculation method to reach a whole new level of realism. With Expressa’s smart visualization engine, smooth, shiny surfaces reflect light with unbelievable accuracy, and every last detail is just perfect.

New Camera Controls for Picture-Perfect Renderings

With Expressa, you no longer need a professional visualization team to produce top-quality renderings. But that’s old news. Now, you don’t need a photo editor either. Take beautiful snapshots with custom-made cameras, and edit them without leaving Expressa.

Edit your renderings across over 10 values, including: 

  • FOV
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Aperture
  • Focal Distance
  • White Balance Temperature
  • Saturation

An All-New Color Scheme Creator

Edit and create color schemes like never before. Expressa’s improved color scheme creator makes intuitive content creation a given.

Here’s an example of what Expressa can do. These changes were applied with just a click, using pre-loaded color schemes:

Discover the Cutting-edge Real-Time Aircraft Configurator

Expressa is more than an aircraft configurator. Its real-time rendering capabilities make it the best solution to create personalization-driven customer experiences. Additionally, Expressa allows users to create videos, and VR experiences, natively. No extra tools, no extra fees, and no technical knowledge required.