About Us

About Us

Founded by Max Pardo in the early 2000s, KiPcreating is a high-end visualization studio with two decades of international experience. We help world-class brands make every contact with every customer unique, turning otherwise formulaic processes into luxury experiences.

Through a combination of artistry and technology, we deliver exceptional 3D visualizations, virtual reality experiences, and product configurators that add new layers of meaning and value to the customer journey. 

We work as an extension of our clients’ team, with their final client in mind.  Guided by a boutique approach, we treat every project as a partnership and we pride ourselves on being distinctively client-centered and detail-oriented. 

Our expertise centers around business aviation, the automotive sector, architecture, real estate, and boating. In every project, we honor those industries’ philosophy of artisanal and mindful production.

In 2021, we launched the Expressa visualization platforms. Expressa makes it possible for teams with no technical background to produce hyper-realistic customization experiences, digital content, and virtual reality without a visualization team.